we now go back to reality

By 22/10/2010photography

“We now go back to reality…” a sports commentator once remarked with some relief in his voice, after what I remember to be a cultural t.v. program. I thought “speak for yourself” (I’m not a sports fan) and instantly realized that this remark says perhaps more about the commentator’s perception of what constitutes reality, than the quality of the previous program. In an era in which digital photography has drawn millions of new enthousiasts to photography in a way that I have not seen for some 50 years, it seems that very few people are interested in the basic questions and what’s more, the artistic possibilities of photography. All internet debates are about pixels, gimmicks and software for tampering with the image. None of it will make a boring picture interesting, and I’m not impressed by what I have seen so far. Just many thousands of more or less pretty pictures, in the best case. Back to reality – mine or theirs?

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