Tom Stappers|Fotograaf (a site in Dutch?)

By 15/11/2009photography

I have been asked why my site is called Tom Stappers|Photographer instead of Tom Stappers|Fotograaf (in Dutch) and why the blog “Words to Images” is in English only. The answer is simple: I want to reach everybody who’s interested and my orientation is international anyway. What needs to be excused maybe, is that I have blocked any comments on my blog. This is part of the concept of the site, which incorporates the blog as the only textual content, making it possible to concentrate completely on the images that fill the frame (being “liquid”), and that you could even zoom into (your software allowing) as if you were looking from extremely close distance. Besides, I was happy to avoid comments of the type “Well done, lol !” or long academic -or otherwise boring- discussions. Deep-linking is also avoided on the blog and neither does the website have a links section. To those it concerns thanks for your understanding.