My redesigned photosite is online, and the first two series presented are house parties and vegetation. The very up-to-date design chosen by |r|ocketclowns allows for the photographs to be shown on a surprisingly large format, and I like the navigation, that is both transparent and logical. To enable some explication, the occasional comment and a few necessary notes, I will add texts (aimed at photography insiders as well as interested newcomers to my photography) by means of this blog. The choice for the separation of words and images was made so as to not interrupt the flow of photographs. The blog which replaces the texts of the original site will be all the more versatile for it, hopefully more readable, and certainly more informative because searchable. I sincerely hope you will enjoy all of it, so do take a looooong look, and come back as often as you like for images and texts. I’m sure the website will get ever more interesting as it grows…and I’ll try to keep in mind what I myself would like to see and read about, trying not to repeat myself. Just in case, if you haven’t found it yet, .