By 20/04/2011photography

Heard in a t.v.-program about amateur art: “There’s a difference between amateur and professional art; the amateur makes what he wants to, whereas the professional thinks “what does the gallery or the collector expect from me” (!)

Later in the program one of the members of the jury, who I know from the days that he was still “just” a photographer, showed some of his new projects, photo books with collected anonymous vernacular and advertising type color photographs of categorized and neatly grouped cars, weddings and the like -yawn- made me think of having to look at some uncle’s boring collection of stamps… The presenter of the program asked the perfect (wrong) question “and what do you want to say with this”…silence (!)

By the way, the winner of the amateur artist contest was a man who with uncanny patience (and Photoshop of course) combined deconstructed fragments of his digital photographs into dramatic painterly scenes of floating and tumbling “creatures” in a sort of Hiëronymus Bosch fashion.