connecting the dots

By 02/11/2009photography

I know by now what kind of images I want to make. Your eyes should dance with excitement exploring all the visual elements and points of interest that make up the image: light and dark, suggestions of closeness and distance, movements frozen into beauty of shape, possible symbols. Those are facts, is there a meaning? Discovering what’s inside the frame should be an adventure, not a checklist. There’s so little to go by, o.k., there’s the definition and the details – we feel assured by that – there’s the placement, the suggestions and hints. But there are no sounds, smells, colors or movement for me to include, yet I must create a little cosmos of interconnections, of possibilities and realities within or (suggested) without the frame!  This is all done improvising like a jazz musician, instantly and “onstage”, no second thoughts or withdrawals. This is it and this is exactly what you get. Don’t expect me to connect the dots for you (I may even throw in some extra dots); I can only do so much for making the picture alive, and relevant to your experience.