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Once in a while I read the photography blogs (yes, even the digitalist ones, though I’m a non-believer) and I come across some truly amazing stuff. Black Star Rising for instance gives “21 Signs you’re a real photographer now” (!) by Peter Phun – and I declare he hasn’t stolen his name. The one on Epic Edits – “Photoshop Technique: Digital Film Grain” wasn’t about fun at all. To my great surprise it’s a serious “how to” for introducing visible grain to digital pictures!  To someone who has always worked with grain (no avoiding it) and pretty much takes it for granted, this post reads like someone telling you how to get rain by putting dust particles in the air so the moisture condenses. It is highly serious though!  And I wasn’t even aware of this longing for the classic image, for me it has never gone away… It reads like a recipe to me, the outsider: filling layers, bringing in noise, adding blur, it’s unbelievable how many lies to arrive at a truth of kinds. Then I found PresidiaCreative with “21 Stunning Photographs with a Meaning” which introduces itself as “an inspirational post”. I wasn’t so much stunned (let alone inspired) by the photographs, but after reading the first few captions I was like: don’t even go there… enough already…