what some people said about my house parties photographs

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…Personally I was struck [by the image of]…young people showing a great sense of self-awareness of their own beauty. Christian Perring Ph.D., Metapsychology Online Review

very striking and powerful… Susan Krane, University of Colorado

…lively documentation of the club scene in Holland. […] The heat is almost palpable. Gordon Baldwin, The J.Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

There are so many that I like (or should I say: that appeal to me)… Georges Vercheval, Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi (Belgium)

Whereas other photographers […] seem to be mainly fascinated by the extreme and the bizarre […] Stappers has consciously attempted to catch the deeper meaning of his observations […] giving shape to a subjective experience… Joost Meesters, Het Belang van Limburg, Hasselt (Belgium)

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“Observations, memories, associations, they all merge at the moment you take the picture. You don’t think of it beforehand. Intuition is far more important, since everything happens so fast that often it isn’t until much later, that you realise what it is that made you decide to take the picture. I think interpretation is more important than striving for objectivity or completeness.”

(part of a text accompanying an exhibition of my photographs about Antwerp, Belgium, at the Flemish Cultural Center, Amsterdam, nov./dec.1994  © Tom Stappers)