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Lisette Model (who also taught Diane Arbus) talks to Eugenia Parry about her photography students:   [….] “Most of them were lazy. They photographed superficially.[….] When they hung work for me to look at, I said they all had one thing in common – MEDIOCRITY. [….] I wasn’t interested in tricks or technical perfection. I explored fear. I knew a hell of a lot about that. [….] Respond to the impact of what’s coming toward you. That’s what leads you. You don’t make the pictures. They arrive. They make themselves.”

(from a narrative autobiography “Spitting into the Mirror” ©2009, Steidl, Göttingen/©2009 Lisette Model Foundation, New York/©2009 Eugenia Parry

stop the Flickr nightmare! (and its clones)

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Stop this Flickr nightmare, all the hundreds of thousands of unwanted, unnecessary extras that come free with the few undisputed good ones on all of the massive photosites – whatever their names -, where everybody’s an artist and volume is a virtue! Show us only your very best work – select, select, SELECT ! And don’t be so normal. Mediocrity is the norm.